Little Falls, New Jersey Studio Rental

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Best New Jersey Photography and Video Studio
Here’s the lighting & equipment available in the studio:
  • 2400 ws Strobe Lighting (Color Corrected and Clear strobes available)
  • Pocket Wizards for remote control of strobe lighting
  • A large selection of modifiers; softboxes, grids, barn doors, strip boxes.
  • Beauty dish, reflectors, grids, and diffusion materials.
  • V-flats, white and black foam boards, 5 in 1 reflector
  • Continuous lighting system
  • Tripods, light stands, c-stands, booms
  • Auto Poles, 54, 86 and 107 wide seamless paper and backdrop support
  • Organic muslin backdrop
Studio rental fees:

Hourly rates: $55 per hour.  Minimum studio reservation fee : $110 (two hours studio time).  Daily and multiple day rates also available.

Other reasons to rent here:
  • Easily accessible via car or public transit
  • Free parking near studio entrance
  • Service and freight elevators available
  • Make up and dressing area
  • Rolling rack for clothing
  • Professional clothing steamer
  • Professional Rowenta Iron
  • Height adjustable, rolling desk and chairs
  • WiFi access
  • Common area with kitchen
  • Restrooms
General Rules
  • No smoking is allowing in the building.
  • Ample modifiers (softboxes, grids, reflectors, etc.. are available and set up throughout the studio. If a change is needed on a modifier that is already set up, please let the assistant know.
  • Do not breakdown the equipment yourself.
  • If needed, assistance will be available for setup. Assistant will be on location throughout the session.
  • Lighting on booms will be setup for your shoot. Do not change lighting on the booms. If change is necessary, kindly ask for assistance.
  • Clean up fees are added for any use of glitter or confetti.
  • Additional fee for any use of glitter or confetti.
Call 201 307-8869 or complete the Studio Rental Form below to request a booking.

Call 201 307-8869 or complete the Studio Rental Form to book your studio session.

Studio Rental Form